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How to reduce the noise of the dryer in the organic fertilizer production line


When some fertilizer manufacturers use organic fertilizer machines, they find that the dryer will produce strong vibration and noise after a period of use, which is harmful to the operator and the surrounding environment. As a professional manufacturer of organic fertilizer production line equipment, taking the rotary dryer as an example, it introduces several effective methods to reduce noise.
How to reduce the noise of the dryer in the organic fertilizer production line
1. Add soundproof cover. The entire rotary dryer uses a steel frame, steel plate as the shell, damping layer and ultra-fine glass wool or other sound-absorbing materials sealed. Since the rotary dryer generates a lot of heat during operation, it is necessary to pay attention to the heat dissipation of the cover and the convenience of equipment maintenance.
2. Using rubber lining instead of manganese steel lining can greatly reduce the noise level, and the frequency spectrum characteristics also change from high frequency to low frequency.
3. Set up an elastic layer. Place a heat-resistant soft rubber pad between the inner surface of the drum of the tumble dryer and the liner. In order to prevent the soft rubber pad from overheating, place a thickness of 10-15mm between the lining of the dryer and the soft rubber pad. Industrial felt can reduce the noise of the tumble dryer below the standard.
4. Pack the sound insulation layer on the drum wall. Wrap a layer of industrial felt with a thickness of 50mm on the drum wall of the tumble dryer, and use a 1.smm steel plate as a protective surface. The bolts are fixed on the outer wall of the drum. The actual sound insulation value is about 12dB (A). If the two ends of the drum are also treated in the same way, the joints of the drum wall wrap can be well sealed, thereby improving the sound insulation effect.
5. Design a soundproof room. When conditions permit, convert the tumble dryer room into a special soundproof room. The effect will be better than the soundproof cover. However, during the operation of the tumble dryer, attention must be paid to solving problems such as monitoring, indoor heat dissipation and maintenance.
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