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Organic fertilizer machine can convert animal manure into money


 Due to the use of high-efficiency chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides in agriculture, the content of organic matter in the soil decreases, the soil hardens, and crop yields are low. In response to this problem, Huaqiang Organic Fertilizer Machine Factory has developed a set of organic fertilizer machine with chicken manure, pig manure, humic acid and waste materials with high organic matter content as the main raw materials through repeated trials. Contributed. To the healthy development of agriculture.
Organic fertilizer machine can convert animal manure into money
Fertilizers produced using organic fertilizer production lines can save investment in agricultural production, improve soil fertility, increase yields and optimize crop quality. The most ideal fertilizer for green food and green agriculture is being promoted in the world. Our fertilizer production machine can produce various fertilizers required on the market according to the formula. Roller granulator, drum granulator, disc granulator, flat die granulator, NPK and organic fertilizer granulator, etc. A granulator can be used. The fertilizer production line has been automated, creating the highest economic benefits with the lowest energy consumption and the least labor.
In the development of modern agriculture, organic fertilizer equipment integrates various advanced technologies, coupled with our professional technology and rich production experience, user use will no longer be a problem. We always take the user's use and equipment quality as the production prerequisite, only the user can rest assured, the manufacturer will rest assured.