• Hydraulic Type Groove Turning Machine
  • Hydraulic Type Groove Turning Machine

Hydraulic Compost Turning Machine

The fermenting and dumping of organic wastes, such as livestock manure, sludge garbage, sugar factory filter mud, dregs cake and straw sawdust, they are widely used in the fermentation and removal of water in organic fertilizer plant, compound fertilize
Model: FP4 m/FPY4 m      
Motor Power: 15kw/7.5kw×2
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The trough compost turning machine is one of the main supporting equipment of the fertilizer machinery equipment unit, suitable for trough aerobic fermentation: it is the core equipment for the industrialized harmless treatment of animal husbandry, urban garbage, and urban sewage sludge. It is suitable for aerobic fermentation and can be used in conjunction with solar fermentation chambers, fermentation tanks and moving machines. It can be used with the moving machine to realize the function of one machine with multiple slots. The matching fermentation tank can be used for continuous discharging or batch discharging, with high efficiency, stable operation, sturdiness and durability, and uniform turning and throwing. The control cabinet is centrally controlled, which can realize manual or automatic control functions. The shovel is sturdy and durable, has the functions of breaking and mixing materials, and the limit travel switch plays a limit role.

1. Turning the pile can turn the outer unfermented materials and the surviving fermenting bacteria into the interior for fermentation, which is conducive to full and even decomposing.
2. Turning the pile can reduce the temperature of the pile, which is beneficial to the retention of nitrogen and the conversion of phosphorus and potassium.
3. Turning the pile can add oxygen.
4. Turning the pile can reduce the water content of the pile.
5. Turning the pile is beneficial to eliminate odor.
Model Main Motor Walking Motor Mobile Motor Hydraulic Pump Motor
FP4 m 15kW 1.5kW nothing nothing 
FP5 m 15kW 1.5kW nothing  nothing 
FP6 m 18.5kW 1.5kW nothing  nothing
FPY4 m 7.5kW×2 1.5kW 1.1kW 4kW
FPY5 m 11kW×2 1.5kW 1.5kW 4kW
FPY6 m 15kW×2 2.2kW 1.5kW 4kW
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