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Harm of directly using cow dung as fertilizer after treatment


If the cow dung is directly applied to the soil without treatment, it will cause hidden hazards, which are mainly manifested in:
1. Infectious diseases and insect pests. Stool contains bacteria and pests such as coliforms and nematodes. Direct use can cause the spread of diseases and check the diseases of pets and crops, and have an impact on the health of people who eat agricultural products. When uncontaminated organic matter is fermented in the soil, it is easy to breed bacteria and pets and cause crop diseases
2. Fermentation and burning seedlings. After field application, when the fermentation conditions meet the requirements, unfermented fertilizers and other organic matter will be fermented under the action of microbial activity. The fermented parts are close to the roots and the crop plants are small. The heat generated by fermentation will affect the growth of crops, and in severe cases, it will burn the roots of the crops and cause plant death.
3. Gas hazards
4. The soil is hypoxic. Organic matter consumes the oxygen in the soil during the decomposition process, which makes the soil temporarily in an oxygen-deficient state and inhibits the growth of crops
5. Slow artificial effects.
The nutrients of unfermented organic fertilizers are mostly organic or slow-acting, and they can be directly absorbed and utilized by crops only when they are decomposed and transformed into effective states. Therefore, direct application of unfermented organic fertilizer can slow down the fertilizer effect. If organic fertilizer machine is used for fertilizer production on untreated cow manure, the harm to fertilizer production machine is very great.
organic fertilizer production line
1. This production line uses livestock and poultry manure and agricultural waste as the main raw materials, which not only turns waste into treasure, but also protects the environment.
2. The whole process of organic fertilizer production is centrally controlled. This series of fertilizer applicators are highly automated and easy to operate.
3. Both the batching system and the packaging system are controlled by the computer to ensure the accuracy of material batching and fertilizer packaging.
4. High quality, stable performance, compact process layout, advanced technology, convenient maintenance
The organic fertilizer production line uses livestock manure and agricultural waste as the main raw materials, which not only turns waste into treasure but also protects the environment. The use of cow manure to produce organic fertilizer requires less investment and has a good effect on increasing agricultural production and increasing farmers' income.
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