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How does organic fertilizer machine use cow manure to process organic fertilizer


In recent years, the disadvantages of overuse of chemical fertilizers have become more and more prominent. Which of these problems directly led to soil consolidation, reduced fertility, and increased pests and diseases, and brought huge losses to agricultural production. Therefore, in order to realize the sustainable development of agriculture, these fundamental problems must be solved. As the main way to solve the soil problem, organic fertilizer has been recognized and valued by people.
Today we will learn how to use the common raw material of Zhengzhou Huaqiang-cow manure organic fertilizer machine.
Cow manure is a good soil fertilizer, containing all important macronutrients, which helps to improve soil fertility and recycling of agricultural waste.
How does organic fertilizer machine use cow manure to process organic fertilizer
As we all know, all organic fertilizer raw materials must be decomposed before being used as organic fertilizer, and the same is true for cow dung.
If the cow dung is directly applied to the soil without treatment, it will cause hidden hazards, which are mainly manifested in: 1. Infectious diseases and insect pests. 2. Fermentation and burning seedlings. 3. Gas hazards 4. Soil hypoxia. 5. Slow artificial effects. If fertilizer production is carried out on the cow dung that has not been decomposed, the damage to the fertilizer production machine is relatively large.
How to correctly convert cow manure into organic fertilizer? Of course, the organic fertilizer production line is the answer.
The main equipment of the organic fertilizer production line includes:
1. Turning and throwing machine. 2. Semi-wet material crusher. 3. Blender. 4. Organic fertilizer granulator, 5. Dryer. 6. Cooling machine. 7. Drum screening machine. 8. Belt conveyor. 9. Automatic packaging machine.
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