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Organic fertilizer machine used in composting


Composting characteristics:

The quality of agricultural organic materials (raw materials) is a comprehensive index for comprehensively judging the quality of organic fertilizers based on the color, smell, straw hardness, compost leachate, compost particle size ratio, and humification coefficient.

(1) The color and surface of the decomposed compost straw are brown or dark brown, with black liquid and ammonia smell. When ammonium reagent is used, the content of ammonium nitrogen increases significantly.

(2) Straw has high hardness and compost in hand. It is soft and elastic when warm, and brittle and fragile when dry. Organic matter loses elasticity.

(3) Compost leachate, add water to the cooked compost and stir (ratio 1:5-10) and let stand for 3-5 minutes, the leachate will be light yellow

(4) Compost size is 2/3-1/2 smaller than the beginning

(5) The ratio of carbonitride is usually 20-30:1 (25:1 is the best)

(6) Coefficient of humification. About 30

Composting that meets the above indicators is a high-quality compost with good fertilizer efficiency. After composting, organic fertilizer production can be carried out. We are a leading domestic manufacturer of organic fertilizer machine and organic fertilizer production lines. Our organic fertilizer machines and organic fertilizer production lines are sold all over the world.